The Village



Heritage Trail

A short circular stroll around the village starting at the Haugh Car park.

An appreciation of Rothbury and a non too
introduction to its history


Around about Rothbury

Places not too far from the centre of Rothbury with a few
'quite interesting' facts that may be of interest
To walkers, ramblers and amateur historians


A Short History of Rothbury

This brief history of Rothbury from the last ice age to date provides
an easy reference to events occurring in and around Rothbury:
Please feel free to use it as a reference as you follow the Heritage Trail
or stroll around the village.

Coquetdale Business Directory

A brief summary of some of the main businesses in the area.
with telephone numbers and links to their web sites.

Whilst every effort is made to keep this list current any changes or errors should be directed to

Please feel free to download a free pdf booklet to read at your leisure

         Heritage Trail               Around about Rothbury

Jubilee Hall History       All Saints Leaflet

  Rothbury Bowling Club History


A few videos you might have missed

The Village Trail         Up the Valley       Coquetdale Memories

Rothbury Railway       Rothbury Garage    Thrum Mill     

Rothbury Racecourse      Rothbury Bridge    

The Valley Remembers 2014      Jubilee Flower Festival  2012


Coquetdale Squirrel Group

We are volunteers, focused on the conservation of red squirrels in Coquetdale who monitor red and grey squirrels  within our area. We liaise with other bodies dedicated to the survival of red squirrels, in particular Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE).

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ommunity Archeology

Coquetdale Community Archeology
Dippie Dixon Lectures 2014

Sunday 19 October 2.30pm

Jubilee Hall Rothbury

Dr Clive Waddington

Mystery Object

Bought in Hexham about 25 years ago.  Unknown origin.

Made of brass with 6 tiers and each tier has a set of 3 wheels(?)
Top tier has 1 set of 3.  Tier 2 has 5 sets. Tier 3 has 7, Tier 4 has 9, Tier 5 has 11 and the bottom tier has 13

Can you be the first to identify it?

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Others being
Morpeth and Alnwick.
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